Saturday, April 02, 2005

Steph asked, "If you were on the show "Trading Spaces" what is the best and worst thing someone could do to your living space?"
Worse thing - take away the bookcases.
Best thing - add a skylight and or a window seat
(kitty would like window seat too!)

Steph asked, "Why do mothers constantly insist that you must clean your room when you can function perfectly in the organized chaos of your junk?"
Because she thinks you have nothing better to do. (For a while, I tried to convince my mother that a superclean room was Bad Feminism - but she didn't fall for it).

Steph asked, "What smell do you associate with each color of the rainbow?"
(that's a pretty boring question - can't you come up with something better?)
Red - cherry koolaid
Orange - Orange sherbert
Yellow - Frozen lemonade concentrate
Green - Freshly cut grass
Blue - Paint
Purple - Grape koolaid

Anyother readers feel like speaking up and asking questions?

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