Monday, March 14, 2005

1. I had a fabulous weekend

2. I just found out that I'm going to a conference on Thursday and Friday YIPEE!
2a. One of the conference goals is to "create safe space"
2b. The word "safe space" kind scares me (we wouldn't need to create a "safe space" if the activity weren't somehow dangerous!)

3. My weekend was quite nice

4. I meet with my advisor on Wednesday to talk about revisions to THE PAPER.
4a. She wants me to come in with a list of strengths/ weaknesses.
4b. One must exercise extreme caution in such situations, because a sneaky Socratic-like-instructor might trick ME into suggesting massive rewrites!

5. Have I mentioned the lovely weekend yet?

6. I have a sore throat
6a. Sore throats are the worst kind of sick
6b. It's not sore enough to subject myself to any of the vile sore throat remedies (Echnicia taste like hot pickle juice, and zinc logenges are even worse!) But it is sore enough to bug me.
6c.Annoying as it is, sore throats are a sign of spring on Planet Julie. (It's like a rite of passage)
6d. Warm weather must be on the way! YIPEE!

7. The only thing worse than a sore throat, is being yelled at
7a. My morning started off with TWO people yelling at me on the phone
7b. The only thing worse than being yelled at, is being yelled at for things you have no control over.
7c. They both yelled because of things that are out of my relm of influence.

8. But I have peanut butter cookies for lunch, so I'll be ok.
8a Peanut butter cookies can fix almost anything!