Sunday, February 20, 2005

This is where a lot of people quit,
Drop out,
Move on.

Now I understand why.

Math has become my new friend.
I never much cared for math before, but math says I only *need* a 50% on the paper/presentation to pass the class
And be done.

Bad Attitude or Survival?
(Do I care?)

* ** * * * * * * *

Have I recently mentioned that this little project is IMPOSSIBLE? (Fuzzy feedback, weird requrements, and a gerneral bad attitude abounds). I've talked to my classmates they agree that it's impossible.

The only reason I haven't quit, is I KNOW I can write a 50% paper. (Not that I want to write a crappy paper, but the realization that this isn't necessarily the big hairy deal we've been lead to believe it to be helps).

Today's Goal - clean up the introduction and finish writing the body.
(Although I'd much rather do laundry, clean the house, update some things on this site, shovel the driveway, bake muffins, or scrub toliets).