Monday, December 13, 2004

Someday, someone is going to google the words "Pineapple Top" or something like that, and then end up right here. This post is soley for that person - The rest of you can leave. (And to the pineapple person, Welcome! It's nice of you to come here - I've been waiting since December 2004 for someone like you to drop by!!)

I've heard that a person can grown a pineapple plant. But it almost sounds like one of those internet urban legends. So today I got a pineapple, cut it up, and planted the top.

Nothing's happened yet. But I'll document the progress (or lack of progress) in the comments section. So the Dear Pineapple Top google-person will know if it really works, or if it's just a silly rumor. (And other pineapple top planters are free to comment their experiences here too - - it can just be one great big pineapple top planting research station right here! Think of it as my contribution to humankind.)