Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's been kind of a surreal morning.
When I woke up - the radio was playing MY FAVORITE camp song!
(That's a pretty amazing way to wake up - When's the last time you heard any CAMP song on the radio, much less my favorite one?)

And then, as I'm driving into work, listening to the same radio station, and the guy reading the weather said "The wind chill is minus zero today." (Now, my math skills never got me into advanced calculus - or even basic calculus - but negative zeros almost makes me curious enough to try!)

Finally, one of my YA jobs is depositing donations. So I walked over to the bank this morning to drop off a few checks, as I came out the parrot guy from last summer walked by!!!
This time I wasn't so polite.
I blanantly stared.
It's a pretty parrot.

Yes - a strange morning indeed!
And now I must work on my LAST assignment of the semester. "Write a self-assessment that also outlines career plans and professional development after completing the program" (uh . . . yeah . . .)