Tuesday, November 23, 2004

If you've read Harry Potter #5 - you know exactly what's happening at YA right now. Our new board president is a Cornelius Fudge sort of person.
The Ministry of Magic is equivilant to the new board
Dolores Umbridge (hemm hemm) is the new Exec. Director

These people are mean, and bad, and they DON'T LISTEN
The interrupt and talk too loudly. (You know I don't deal well with interrupters -- but it seems to be the only way to be heard around here -- a bad habit). And these bad people have turned what used to be a magical place (YA/Hogwarts) into a place no one wants to be.

"So," you wonder, "what role does Julie play in this YA/HP mellow drama?"
Quite obviously, I'm Neville - the geeky klutz that never quite fits in, forgets things, and gets crummy grades. (Neville has an undiagnosed learning disability - I'm quite sure of it! Internet rummors say that he is going to become a Hogwarts teacher in book 7 - - because we all know deep down inside Neville is smart!) Anyone want to start a Neville Fan Club with me?)

This is where I should complain about the things the board president told me today - but I'll spare you. (It'd take too long to explain the circumstances and I'd just sound like a whiner). Suffice it to say that my position has been renamed; instead of being "Communicators Coordinator" I’m now "Chief Scapegoat" (a role not suited to one with perfectionist tendencies).

That's all
Except . . .
On a much brighter note, I'm done with YA for today (HORRAY)
And I only have 12 days left there (HORRAY!)
And I have something like 10 vacation days still to use (HORRAY!)
And tonight, I'm taking Dear 'ole Dad to the VocalEssence Concert (HORRAY!)
And tomorrow, brother Phil is coming home for Thanksgiving (HORRAY!)
Life is good