Saturday, November 06, 2004

Good Day
I got to be chaufer for a couple of VocalEssence composers
(Which means I got to hang out, talk, evesdrop, and generally pick their brains today!)

AND I weaseled my way into attending Prairie Home Companion with the composers!
(Garrision Kellior in his first show after the election - PLUS Roy Blunt Jr.! What fun!)

Two really nice things
1. Hanging out with composer-type-people. These are the kind of people that talk about "the goove" of Prokofiev's piano concerto while eating sushi. Honest plurality and interesting insights as well as beautiful accents, fantastic connections, and incredible stories - t'was good!

2.Being inspired again. Life fills up, inspiration takes a back seat.
But today . . . today was inspiring! It's the kind of inspiration you can only get by watching/haning out with Type AAA personalities that work obsessviely - and love every minute of it.