Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Question Has Been Asked
Why is there so little classical music available on commercial download services? "This is a missed opportunity and it shows the difficulty the downloading revolution has in coping with classical music's enormous back catalogue and the stream of new releases

When the selection seems lacking, though, it's easy to assume that classical downloads simply aren't as financially important to huge record conglomerates. But that's not necessarily true. The market share for downloading classical music is two to three times higher than classical music's normal market share, said Jonathan Gruber, the London-based vice-president for new media for Universal Classics and Jazz International [full article]

I wholeheartedly agree.
It is impossible to find good classical music online - even standard repitoire isn't avaliable ("Pop-Classical Music" (aka Taco Bell Cannon) doesn't count). A classical (and maybe folk) music service (which had "real" music) would do quite well for itself. (at least from me!)
Article via ArtsJournal