Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Animal Thoughts

There is a bookstore in Minneapolis that has a couple of cats (as well as spiders, birds, turtles, hamsters, and a chicken - it's one of my favorite places in the whole wide world!)
I'm told the Opera has an office cat.
And the Clay Center has a cat (it isfeatured in many of their marketing pieces!)

And I think more spaces need animals - - cats, birds, dogs, and stuff
And I think schools should have more pets - not just classroom guinea pigs, but a dog, or a cat that freely roams the whole building.

It would have to be a well trained dog

and kids would have to learn how to be gentle, and leave the cat alone when it is sleeping, but that's no harder than anything else we do at school

And kids could read to the dog

and the dog could nap during math

and play frisbee durring recess

(If it is a sheepdog - it could herd students and help keep them in bounds durring recess!).

A REAL animal is better than a silly school mascot.

Someone would have to take it home on nights / weekends / summers.

When I open my school (or become Ex. Dir. of an organization) there will be an animal or two roaming around.

It's just good karma