Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Last week, my principal handed out a long list of new policies (and reminders of old policies) and told us to sign and return. Some of the things (like "don't hit students") made me wonder what had happened that I didn't know about. Today she announced a certain disgruntled former employee has taken to writing letters. Our sponsor, one of our grantors, and to her legislator all got letter about our "horrible" little academy. She made accusations of child abuse, said our students were not learning, and suggested the academy be closed. Can you see the fumes coming out of my head right now?? Is our school perfect? NO! Are we working really hard to make it better? YOU BETCHA! Is it a less than ideal situation? YES! But have lots of warm-your-heart success stories. We also have too many break-your-heart stories.

As a result of all this letter hoopla - my principal wants to cover her butt (hence the weird policy list last week) AND . . . is having the whole staff go through child abuse training AGAIN! There are few things yuckier than child abuse training - - it's depressing, frustrating, and just plain awful. Not a happy day.