Thursday, March 06, 2003

Internship Musings
* I really really really really really really want to do my summer internship at Free Arts Minnestoa (I really really really really do!)
* I'm supposed to propose three potential sites - - but FAMN is the only place that excites me.
* My advisor and my classmates have suggested I look into McPhail and the Youth Symphony. I don't know that I want to give away my free labor to rich people that don't really need it. (Oh yeah, it's not about free labor, it's about "networking" - I forgot).
* "Worthwhile" is my latest word - - - Is McPahil really worthwhile? (Probably, but it doesn't feel that way - - somehow FAMN seem more worthwhile than the Youth Symphony). Maybe worthwhile is the wrong word - but I don't have the right one yet. Little organizations that dream big seem more exciting than big organizations that think small (the big ones probably get more done - but it seems less exciting when you know they're gonna succeed because they have the resources to accomplish their little plans)
* What if everyone else is right? What if interning at the Youth Symphony would be good for me? (Lima Beans are good for me too, but I don't do that either!!)
* It's all irrelevant anyway - since I have exactly ZERO resumes ready. I ought to get to work on that . . .