Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Today the cathedreal (a.k.a. my free parking space!)posted a sign threatening to tow freeloaders (such as myself!) who parked in their lot for more than 2 hours ) - :
Today I started my JOB with Young Audiences. I got to answer the phone, take phone messages, learn how to open and sort mail AND use the debit card to order a new toner cartrage for the copy machinel!!!! (that was cool!)
Today was really cold out - it is probably good that I was forced to park closer to my little job
Today the 2nd grade class serenaded me by singing all 6 verses of The Silly Dance Contest (complete with Jim Gill's comments!) when I walked into their classroom!! I don't know if it was an organized (and not-so-subtle) demand to sing Silly Dance today or if it was spontaneous excitement (either way it was gosh darn funny!!)
Today is the 6th Wednesday in a row I left the house without setting the VCR to record West Wing (AAGGHH!!) Maybe my subconcious is boycotting the Sam-less version of the show!!
Today I forgot to pack a lunch - so I ate my dinner at lunchtime and was kinda hungry at dinner time (and broke because I had to PAY for parking today!!!!!!)
Today we learned "good stuff" in my class! (It's easy to like school on Wednesday Nights!!!)