Thursday, February 27, 2003

Thoughts on Arts Advocacy Day
* Getting 800 - 1000 artists together in one building is really cool! (The concentration of talent and creativity was overwhelming!!)
* I do not like being told what to say, do, or think. (That's a recurring life theme!!!) While I understand the need for a united front and standardization (esp. with hundreds of crazy artists runing around) I refuse to be a puppet.
* I liked talking with individual legislators. My represenitive was terrifffic - He told me, "Don't assume I'm against the arts just because I'm a Republician!" .
* I feel sorry for legislators -- an awful lot of passionate people wander into their offices to give one sided opinions. (I saw at least three different groups crowding the halls today - - Arts Folks, Preschool Funding, and something about Transportation). It would drive me crazy! (That goes back to not liking being told what to do or think!)