Friday, February 21, 2003

My final Fin. Man. project involves going into a million dollar arts organization and asking lots of financial questions, analyzing the info, and then writing an evaluation on their processes, systems, and financial situation. I really really REALLY did not want to (and considered not doing the project - it'd still be possible to barely pass if I did perfect on everything else) But alas - I am not a perfect Fin. Man person - - so last week, I sucked it up - contacted the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra ("Hi - I'm not anyone important, but I want to look at your budget and financial statements for the last two years!") - and got just enough info to do an OK, half-hearted job on the project. Today, the SPCO announced some serious layoffs because of their budget crunch. Freaky. (And this real world application does not make me anymore excited about this project - I still don't want to do it!)