Monday, February 17, 2003

List-o-Larry-isms for Tonight

* (Speaking of Martha Graham) "Her hair was pulled back in a bun so tightly that her eyes were off to the side. Towards the end she looked like a bad three dimension Picasso"
* "Debity Ebitiy" (trying to say Equity Depuity - which is difficult to do!!)
* "That's JUST LIKE a 'REAL' real broad overview"
* "Men's bodies are different from womens"
* "Whoever invented customer service should be shot"

And then, there was this gem from one of my classmates "This is the first time I used Power Point - and MAN do I feel powerful!!"

Ranee Ramasee (from Ragamala) spoke to our class tonight - she is an incredible woman - the way she moves and speaks and just IS. Totally amazing.