Saturday, February 08, 2003

Last night, as a part of that evil Cultural Studies Class - I went to see a Ragamala Dance performance. I had a less-than-good attitude about the whole thing (to match my less-than-good-attitude about the class!) The first half was b-o-r-i-n-g lots of dancing and repetant indy-jazz-music that seemed to go on forever! (It would have been neat for 5 minutes - but 45 minutes was a long long stretch!) At least one of my classmates fell asleep - I entertained myself by playing with chapstick and trying to unwrap a piece of candy without making noise!!

For the second half they did a piece called Transforming Heads. THAT WAS WAY COOL!! It combined readers theater, sign language, some sort of interpretitive indian dance, and music. Everyone stayed awake and I had no reason to play with my strawberry-kiwi chapstick! The story was great and they told it welll! (It was almost worth having to sit through the first half to get to the second half!!) Excellent, excellent stuff!!