Thursday, February 06, 2003


YIPEE!!! (I'm not bouncing off the walls yet - but I will be once I leave the office!!!) YIPEE!!!!

The Details (now that I've calmed down a bit!!) Young Audiences, the place I'm interning at, has had some staffing "issues" this month - long story sthort they need someone to work 10 hours a week dong clerical "stuff". The executive director asked if she could speak with me today, told me about the job, and then asked if I wanted it!! It doesn't pay much - and it's not the exciting work (data entry, mail sorting, etc.) BUT - it's a good way to "get in" YIPEEE!!!!!!

I'm not resigning from my teaching job (at this point it's really not practical - and it'd be very UN-fair to my students). And this is seperate from my internship project (but I'll be able to keep "my project" after the internship is over - I love being able to keep that ownership!) Now I need to figure out how to schedule those 10 hours without making myself go crazy!!