Saturday, February 15, 2003

I had a short conversation the other day that continues to make me smile. Anyone evesdroping on the conversation wouldn't think it was such a big deal. There's no reason for me to be smiling hours (let alone days!) later. But, some nice things, and, some things that confirm my thinking, got said. And I keep smiling ( - : ( - : ( - :

The same thing (only opposite) happened the day before. Someone brought my self-esteem-o-meter from 95% down to 40 with a nine syllable comment. I know this evil classmate of mine didn't mean to be mean (I think she wanted to show off) . . . but it's taken me a couple days (and conversations with equally ticked off people) to realize this and 'get over it'. (and I have that conversation that makes me smile to keep me smiling!!!) It's all about the little things - New Motto - DO sweat the small stuff - that's what's important!!