Saturday, February 22, 2003

HOW TO STEAL A CAR (aka Lessons Learned the Hard Way Part 2)
One only needs a car's VIN number (and a story about locking one's keys in one's car) to get a complimentary new key from my friendly Saturn dealership. They don't ask for proof of ownership or anything - which is good �cause one could logically assume such things would be locked in the car with one's key! This is all quite helpful and good. (I certainly appriciated it!!)

BUT . . . the VIN number, being visible through the windshield, is accessible to any thief who bothers to look. SO a crook with decent acting skills, could conceiveably walk into a dealership, look embarrsed, get a free key to my car, and drive off. That is not helpful, and not good. (unless one wants to steal a car - in which case I suppose it could be extremely useful information!)