Saturday, February 01, 2003

Assorted Unrelated Thoughts
* Are weird dreams a secondary symptom of laryngitis?? I dreamed I was asleep in Pionner Unit at Camp Logan and heard footsteps coming up the path - I couldn't shout "Who Goes There?" or call anyone on the radio because my voice wouldn't work (imagine that!!) Then I had a dream about the dog eating my house (????) and then drempt something about water (I don't remember what - only that water was involved) . And I woke up to a dream about a tooth cracking (which was my recurring "I-must-be-under-stress" dream when I was in college). Very Strange

* I officially became a Minnesoooooooooota driver today. The people of this great state seem to think they can make U Turns everywhere (even in the middle of an innersection!!!) I held out for seven months - - - - but today in the maze of one way streets we call Minneapolis - I violated my ethical standards and make an intersection U - Turn. I've lost my moral high ground over "those people" I am being assimulated!!!

* I want my voice back - - at first it was kinda funny to try and talk, but have nothing come out (or have it crack!) but not anymore - it's annoying. I never realized how much I talk out loud to myself. (And sometimes I forget I can't talk and will try to say something!)

* Paper Update - - one done and twelve to go!! I have two more due on Monday - you can imagine the fun-filled weekend I have planned!!

* I had a really really good apple for lunch today (probably the best apple I've ever eaten!) Not that anyone cares, but it was definatley an apple worthy of mention (so I'm mentioning it!)