Sunday, January 26, 2003

So much work to do (I really ought to work on my Fin Man Paper) But I don't feel like doing it (any of it!) (By the way, get ready for some mega whining - - I have 13 papers to write between now and April 15!!)

Instead of working, I'm re-planing my life. I've considered taking a full load of classes this summer (since I won't be teaching - I should have more time to devote to school). I've also thought about the need to make MONEY this summer (Maybe I should land some sort of day time job (doing what?? Daycare?? Retail?? Fast Food??) and keep with my part time schedule. I also thought about if I ought to do an internship this summer (I'm scheduled to - but I don't know if I'm really ready to do a second internship)

I considered taking out more loans (UGH!) I thought about moving out of Yuppie-ville (can't afford to think about that!) Thinking about the backpacking I wanted to do this summer (probably not gonna happen). Thinking about next summer. Thinking about the case study I ought to be working on (a very boring one!) Thinking about life, thinking about how much I don't like this semmester, thinking about this week, thinking about being stuck in a rut and needing an adventure. Thinking about what else I could be doing to avoid what I should be doing. Thinking Thinking Thinking.