Sunday, January 12, 2003

Planet Julie has a New Theme Song My startling realization of the day is that Andy (my younger brother) is officially a grown up (he's got a wife, a house, a kid, an SUV . . . . you can't get more grown up than that!!!) Now I've always been a slow grower (I didn't loose my first tooth until I was 8 years old - - Brian Wagner, who had a desk next to me in second grade, had already lost five teeth before I lost even one! It's not like he had a 6 month head start or something - we were exactly the same age and had the same birthday! (There was a big snow strom that day, so it was indoor recess, but our class got double treats because my mom made cupcakes and Brian's mom brought cupcakes - - very cool!!) For my party that year we went to a children's theater and saw Pinachio! (other kids went to the McDonald's Playland, or ShowBiz Pizza for their birthdays - but I thought it'd be cool to go to a play - - one person I invited didn't come because she didn't think a play was cool enough for a party! I guess that's her loss - - I don't even remember her name anymore - but she was one of the "popular" kids - so at the time my feelings were kinda hurt (and I had no loose teeth, or tooth fairy money to console me!!)

ANYWAY I've always been a slow grower, but I don't think I'm ready to be a grown up - - - yet most the people from my child and teenager -hood are ADULTS (even Kristie and Stephie - - who are SO MUCH younger than I am - - are ADULTS! Some of my high school classmates have 6, 7, and 8 year old children (who probably wiggling their loose teeth even as I type this!!) Scarey. Very Scarey . . . .
�Cause growing up is awful-er
than all the awful things
that ever were
I won't grown up
won't grow up
never grow uuuppp!