Saturday, January 11, 2003

I just got off the phone with my boss - she is not going to try and hire another Spanish teacher - - SO the schedule has been Re-done (again!) The good news is my Kindgarden, 1st and 2nd graders will now get 135 minutes of music a week (WOW!!!) More good news - classroom teachers shouldn't loose too much prep time. BAD NEWS . . . it's not possible to do all this without taking away my Orchestra Lessons time. (I have not actually seen the schedule yet) This makes me sad (One of the really exciting things about this job is I get to create an orchestra program FROM SCRATCH!!!) I need to come up with a plan before I go talk to my boss on Monday - - I'm thinking about offering to come in early a couple times a week to do lessons and hope she'll offer to pay me some sort of stipend. I could ask for money - but that's too uncomfortable and I want her to know that it's important - - even without money!

I also have this idea floating around in my head about a summer music program. I want my strings kids to keep playing over the summer. Right now we have no summer programs - so this is totally uncharted teritory.I have lots of ideas . . . but don't know what would be feasable with the summer schedule. I'm thinking about bringing that up on monday too - we'll see.