Thursday, January 16, 2003

I "auditioned" for the Dakota Valley Symphony tonight. Only two people in the whole wide world knew about it (Me and the gal with whom I set it up) I spent a whole lotta time over break stressing over, and fighting with, my Bach piece. I shouldn't have worried - the audition consisted of chatting with the director for 30 seconds about what part I wanted to play ("Second!!") And then listening to a 5 minute lecture about the dire need for additional firsts ("alright alright alright . . . I'll play first . . . just stop!"). We're playing Rhapsody in Blue and the guy doing the opening clarinet lick looks JUST LIKE Dr. Martin (I did a double, then a triple take on that one! Spooky!)

Also on the Fiddling Front - - I was asked this week if I'd play on a CD!! (I'm told the request is serious, although, he's never actually heard me play!) It's still kinda cool eh??