Thursday, January 02, 2003

GGGGGRRRRRR . . . The SMU bookstore does not have ANY of the books I need for next semmester (never mind that classes start in 4 DAYS!!!!) I talked to the gal in charge and she said they are expecting books "any day now" (that's reassuring!) BUT they had titles (which is more than they had last time . . . . SO I went across the hall to the computers - - and just purchased 4/5ths of my books from Amazon re-sellers (I'm still within in sight of that awful, horrid, yucky, bookstore - - I even sneered at them as I placed my order! I feel much better now!!) Granted I won't have anything actually in hand for a week or so (but knowing they're coming makes that OK)
UPDATEMy local public library has a copy of one of the books!! YIPEE!! I love beating the system (esp. when the system is messed up!)