Monday, January 20, 2003

AAGGHH!!! I've come to the conclusion that this "Cultural Studies" class is going to be every bit as annoying as that "writing class" was. You can tell by the notes to doodles ratio how useless (or useful) a class is. Normally I have 1-2 doodles per page of notes. Tonight I had half a page of notes to half of page of drawings. (By contrast, my Fin Man notes have almost NO doodles!)

Tonight we learned how to operate the multi-media system (press the button labeled "power"!) We defined culture (almost everything is culture!) And spent the remaining time disussing the "essential elements" of assorted art forms. I learned NOTHING. However, the night is not totally lost - I have begun a list of Larry-isms (Larry is the dean and founder of the program - - he is co-teaching this course) Here are the Larry phrases that made me giggle tonight . . .

* It's the type of reverence that is very reverent
* Immigration still happens
* Men are female too you know
(he meant to say "feminists")
* Don't burn a novel until after you've read it!
* St. Cloud has to have art too!
* You can't buy a Playboy in Cincinnati