Monday, December 09, 2002

Smiley Faces vs. Sad Faces
(Smiley Face) Our "Problem Child Extrodinaire" transfered to another school today. On one hand it will be very good for the classroom teacher and my gen music classes
BUT . . . he was my only bass player (sad face) (and he behaved well in orch!) My "orchestra" now consists of 10 violins, and 2 violas (just a little unbalanced!)

(Unhappy Face) Someone pulled the fire alarm this afternoon (it's cold outside without a coat!!!)
BUT . . . My secret santa left chocolate on my desk (Big Smilely Face!)

(Sad Face)The aide for "Problem Child Jr." resigned today. She's only been around for 4 days. I liked her - - everyone did (although I can't blame her for wanting to leave) We are so understaffed right now that loosing her will be tough.

(Sad face) I talked with the director after school, and because of our staffing / sub shortage, she can't let me go to the Mid West Band and Orchestra Clinic next week
BUT . . . it's on the list for next year (smiley face) AND I get to go to the Nutcracker with my kids next week(Yipee!!) (specials teachers usually have to stay behind and supervise the naughty kids, but I've done all the prep work to get our kids ready she's gonna find someone else to babysit "those kids" and let me go (Smiley Face!)

So that totals out to 4 sad faces and 5 smiley faces - Not a bad day (despite the fire alarm)