Monday, December 16, 2002

THE "IF I WERE STILL IN WDM . . . ." Game.

If I were still in WDM . . . .
I'd be getting lots of "holiday" (can't say the C-word!!) presents from my students this week. I'd be watching more television, and eating better food. I'd have bigger paychecks and more free time. I'd have an Anne-Marie, an Amy, a Tracey, or a Sue around almost every day! My JC office would now be shared with 4 other people (!!!) I'd be in the middle of some serious budget battles - wondering if I'd have a job for the �03-'04 school year. I could send stuff to print and someone else would do all my photo copying, I'd spend about an hour planing my rehearsals for the week. At least ten of my 4th grader beginners would have quit by now, and Solo & Ensemble nightmares (plus the pizza fundraiser) would start right after break. (I'd also have to spend my Birthday working Solo and Ensemble Festival - UGH!!!) I would be making good money with my private studio as full as I wanted it to be. My student loan would be close to paid off. The Orch Team would be fighting (or at least disagreeing) about something. I'd know all my kids names, we'd be playing "real music" by now, and I'd know I was a "good teacher". I'd have most of the supplies I needed and Orchestra Guild money available to purchase anything else I might want. I'd have a 15 minute / 4 mile commute and enjoy cheap Iowa Ethonol gas prices!!

I get hugs (and kisses!) from my students every day, I can say "CHRISTMAS" in front of any student without fear of offending! I think more, eat more junk food, and have less "Me-Time," although I am learning all kinds of spiffy things and making LOTS of art-sy connections. (There is now just 2 degrees of separation between me and Yo-yo Ma!!) I can't cloister myself among specials teachers (I'm the only one!) so I'm much more connected with the classroom teachers (and the school as a whole). I don't have an office (or even a classroom) to share! I'm protected from budget battles, but spend too much time making copies. It takes several hours to plan Core Knowledge General Music lessons for the week, but NONE of my orch kids have quit!!!!!! My Solo Day will a much smaller affair with few nightmares (although I'll have to spend my birthday in a Fin Man Class). My student loans are not paid off (they're growing larger each month!!) NO PIZZA FUNDRAISER (yipee!!!) I still fight (and disagree) with the Orch Team (although I'm the only team member!!) My kids still struggle with Twinkle, I still struggle with names, and question my ability to be a "good teacher." I have few supplies, and no Guild money or PFC wishlists. I drive 30-60 minutes to get to work and pay a whole lot more for gasoline (and insurance!)

Yeah, there's a lot in WDM that I miss (mostly people). But I enjoy the challenges (even if they come with frustrations) and love my academy kids. I'm so excited by the potential and possibilities of the future. I like it here and I'm glad I made the choice to do this -- no regrets -- but I miss you guys!!
Merry Christmas WDM People!!
(Hee . . .. hee. . . I said the C-Word!!) ( -:
Have a Great Break!!