Thursday, December 05, 2002

I started my Young Audiences internship this morning.
Honestly . . . I didn't love much of anything when alarm went off this morning. I've enjoyed the luxury of alarm-less mornings for 5 wonderful months. This morning I had a rude awakening (delicious pun!!) to the real world!

They are SO HAPPY to have an intern (it's nice to be appriciated - even if it is just for my slave labor!) I have a desk, a computer, AND a phone (My REAL job doesn't have half that stuff!) My first project involves updating the background info sent to a school before a performance. No one on staff has time to do this (but it must get done). There is an overall vision for the end product - but it's a flexible vision without micromanagement or supervision - I'm surprised at the amout of automony I get (but I like it!!!)