Sunday, December 22, 2002

HERE KITTY KITTY It has been brought to my attention that no update on the kitty has ever graced this page. Rest assured kitty is doing well and enjoying her new home in the cold north! And now, for your reading enjoyment . . . selected kitty ancedotes

1.) I've hidden her food way back in a corner of the basement. (The Dog, likes to eat my cats food - - the crazy dog thinks she's a cat! (Dog also likes to eat the cat nip and play with cat toys!) Anyway - the cat can get to her food dish, but it's tricky for dogs (and julies) to get to

2.) Kitty is fascinated with the Chilla - - which actually belongs to my sister, but she can't have a pet in her apartment, so chilla lives with me in the basement (apparently all poor, homeless borders are relegated to the basement zoo!) Kitty and Chilla stare at each other through the cage for hours on end. The cat has never tried to attack or eat it - and chilla isn't afraid of the cat- they just play some strange staring game (Very funny to watch!)

3.) Henry (my mom's cat, aka the EVIL CAT, the fat cat, or the mean cat) and my cat (Pretty Kitty, GOOD Kitty, The NICE kitty) do not "appear" to get along. Everyday I'll hear howls of utter pain and screams of anguish. I'll investigate expecting to see a huge cat fight, but they aren't even touching each other - it's apperently a great game to make horrid cat noises, see how long it takes before the humans come to break it up, and then pretend that nothings wrong!

4.) There are lots of sunny windows in this new house of hers - kitty is very happy!

5.) The heated water bed in the basement is her favorite sleeping place. She likes the waterbed more than sunny windows. (One might have to share a window with the "other cat" but the "other cat" doesn't venture into the basement much - so she can sleep in peace!)

6.) I have not been practicing (or even playing) much since I moved here [gasp!] I think kitty prefers life without a screechy, whininy, high notes every evening!!!! (I really ought to practice - but it's so cold in the basement, my fingers don't work, and I hate to play anywhere else �cause then everyone in the house hears me! I am thinking about auditioning for the Dakota Valley Symphony next month - just to motivate me a little - but I can't get excited about weekly rehearsals on cold January evenings!)

7.) The website with kitty pictures got deleted (unbeknownst to me, Angelfire deletes pages that no one visits) There are no plans at this time to create another kitty web page. (I see her every day - - and obviously no one else wants to see her everyday or Angelfire would not have deleted the original kitty webpage!!

8.) Kitty likes Minnesota as much as I do. This is good. We are happy!