Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Computer Problems Abound AOL kicked me off my account 'cause Phil's account got "kissed" and then some weird file kept giving me illegal errors. I think it's fixed now (I hope it's fixed - I need to get a paper written!) Yes, it's the same paper I've been talking about for two weeks (you think I'd just get it done instead of procrastinating about it) I promise not to talk about it anymore until it's done (and it's due on Saturday, so I should be getting it done here fairly quickly!)
Big ToDo List Today
- That paper which I can not mention
- Get appointment made for oil change (stupid Saturn needs to answer their phones!)
- Call on my teacher lisence (oops!)
- Call Natulis (yeah, I've been putting that off)
- Laundry (A certain dog crawled into bed with me last night. Then said dog wet my bed while I was in it - eeewww!!!) I was too sleepy to clean anything up other than me - so I found a new bed and slept there - which means I have a lovely little mess to take care of today.