Monday, November 25, 2002

We have no kids at school this week (!!!!!!) Instead we have CONFERENCES and staff inservices. Today's inservice was the True Colors Workshop. I did this in WDM a couple years ago - back then I came out as Yellow. Today I am a green (which is really funny, because we had NO greens in WDM!!!) They ordered pizza for our lunch and bagels for breakfast (it was a cranberry walnut bagel with hazelnut cream cheese - very good!!!) AND . . . . (this is the best part) I dont' have to stick around for conferences (there are definate advantages to being part time!!!)

In Other News - - Jon is home -
Jon sleeps in the same room as the computer
This means my time to post stuff is limited
Jon is fun to talk to - he knows so much stuff and he's silly. I've missed him (even if he does hog the computer room!!!)

AND (my last sunshinny piece of happy information!) NO WRITING CLASS TOMORROW NIGHT!! (No doing homework for the stupid writing class tonigth either!! YIPEE!!!) I'm debating if I want to go hang out with the 11-10 crew tomorrow night or stay home and work on my Fin. Man. paper (I'm going to try and talk myself into dong the 11-10 thing - there waw more MLE-esque stuff the other day - and I'm curious to know if they've read any of her work)