Friday, November 29, 2002

Violin Geek Ramblings I have never been much of a Midori fan - - I saw her on TV a couple of times, and once at Ravinia - but she never impressed me (little girl dressed up in a cute pink party dress - UGH!! LIke a little robot you can dress up!) But this Article made her seem more -- I don't know - - human. I checked out the Midori and Friends website - - - not that I"m runing out to buy her CD's or support her organization, but I'm slowly awakening to the fact that I might be able to respect that girl in a cute pink party dress.

In other news . . .
* I found some really soft fluffy flannel on sale this morning - I'm going to try and sew flannel hankerchiefs (run for cover and hide your children!!) . . . Nothing spectacular (and theoretically nothing difficult - but we'll see . . Grandma VW was a terriffic sew-er and my mom has made some spiffy things. Kristie wants a sewimg machine for Christmas, but I don't think I got that gene. So far I've cut 10 pieces of fabric and none of them are straight (but that'll add charachter right!?!? ) I'm going to try and do the hemming (is that a word??) as soon as mother dear is willing to show me how to work her machine.
* A Muppet Christmas is on tonight!!
* I have not done anything regarding my Fin Man paper yet - I was going to start last night, but I started thinking. I have two thought processes going on in my head right now. One of which involves an internship opportunity I've mentioned before (the one at Natulus involving money and a real job!!) it's an amazing offer with great potiential - BUT . . . something about it feels wrong (lots of things feel wrong) some of which I can articulate and others which I can't. I donno - I need to think more (but I think in circles - - it's a mess in my brain right now!!!)