Monday, November 25, 2002

Some interesting stuff on ARtsJournal Today . . .

A group of Microsoft software engineers has concluded that digital anti-piracy measures are ultimately futile. They presented a paper this weekend that states that "the steady spread of file-swapping systems and improvements in their organisation will eventually make them impossible to shut down. They also conclude that the gradual spread of CD and DVD burners will help thwart any attempts to control what the public can do with the music they buy."
In essence, say the researchers, file-swapping systems have already won. The only way for music companies to compete is on the same terms by making music easy to get hold of and cheap to buy.
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This article is just too cool!
The UK's Classic FM plans to launch a 24-hour classical music video channel. "The channel, to be launched towards the end of next month, will feature wall-to-wall video clips of prominent classical music artists and movie soundtracks. Unlike other culture-oriented TV channels, there will be no documentaries or concerts. 'The manner and style we are adopting is of pop music TV'."

Finally, THIS ONE is just disturbing!