Thursday, November 14, 2002

O.K. last years Patriot Act was scarey enough in terms of new government powers, but now I read in the New York times, that the Homeland Security Bill wants to do even more damage. It's really really really really really really hard to trust that the governent will use this new found power over us for good and not for evil (do you think I could be arrested for saying that???)

This article from a couple months ago really puts it all into perspective. There's also a Ben Franklin quote which I love

Those who would give up essential Liberty
to purchase a litle temporary Safey,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

My 5th graders are studying the governent in social studies right now. We teach kids that government "exists to protect our rights" make them memorize the "system of checks and balances" but I'm not seeing that in action. It's a good thing they didn't hire me to teach social studies (I'm way too cynical to be promoting happy, friendly, constitutional stuff to young impressionable minds!!!)