Friday, November 08, 2002

My face has been breaking out for almost a month. Too much stress, too much junk food, or some combination of the two are not a good thing. Yesterday one of my kids looks at the ID photo I'm required to wear and said "You don't have red bumbs on your face in the picture!" (Gotta love the brutal honestly of a 6 year old!) Gotta lay off the junk food. Gotta get some sleep. BUT I have my BIG presentation in Communications on Tuesday, A BIG Paper due next Saturday and an interview for my Internship on Wednesday, and a meeting with my advisor next Thursday - - do you think a reduction in my stress level is going to happen anytime soon?????

In other happen news - I calculated my gas mileage last night after I finished taking the Fin. Man. Quiz - I got 38 miles per gallon this last tank of gas (yipee!!) I might have a long hellish commute, and be filling my gas tank way too often, but as least I'm getting my moneys worth on that gas consumption!!