Wednesday, November 27, 2002

My collegues officially know I'm weird (although I'm sure they had suspicions before!)
Yesterday I was at my desk working, enjoying the music of Yo-yo Ma. My desk is in the hallway, so everyone walking by is subjected to my musical choices. The 5th grade teacher walked by and asked, "So . . you listen to classical music because it's school appropriate or something?" I laughed and told her that my CD player at home had Symphony 1997 in it at the moment! She asked if I ever just "rocked out" (YES!! I have rock out music and I listen to it often- - we talked about U2 and the "old" REM to prove my capability to rockout! I also mentioned the Baby Blues Album I had played earlier in the day)
After our tiny conversation, 5th grade teacher went to the 1st grade teachers room and said, "VW listens to classical music even at home!!!" It's OK (If they can't enjoy great music it's their loss!!!) But I miss my WDM collegues who could enjoy and share great music (ALL Kinds of music)
Maybe I need a new sign in my cubicle about MUSIC DISCRIMINATION.
Maybe I need to work on educating the teachers a little more.
Maybe I am werid (wait - I know I'm werid!!!!)