Saturday, November 02, 2002

I'm doing some deep thinking today.
I'm not yet sure what I'm thinking about or why I'm so engrossed in it . . .
But I'm thinking . . .
(an uninformed observer might say I was day dreaming, but it's more than that.)
I can't explain it - it just is.
Tomorrow's the Farmington Band Brunch and Concert - this means I will not have my usualy "Sunday Morning House to Myself Time" That's too bad - I like having the house to myself.

In other news - I did very well on my Fin Man. quiz - I am happy. (I was even happier when I discovered I scored better than some of the "smart people" in the class - YIPEE!!!) And the blister I had on my thumb is slowly healing (it looks really gross and is so calloused over that I can't feel a thing when I touch it!! Kinda cool!) ALSO on the list of COOL STUFF - the Kronos Quartet will be performing in the cities this month! The concert is (of course) sold out - but I'm not going to let that stop me!! (For the clue free - Kronos is a string quartet - they play ULTRA modern music - very cool - very weird!) I'm very curious to see what kind of people come to a Kronos Concert (I'm way excited about this!)

Yeah - that's all the news from here - I ought to go to bed - but my brain doesn't want to rest yet.