Thursday, November 14, 2002

I met with my advisor this morning!
I'm gonna get an A in the Principals of Arts Adminstration (the one she teaches!) YIPEE!!
I'm going to register for next semmesters classes as soon as I'm done typing this (YIPEE!)
I no longer had a sore throat (YIPEE!!)
BUT . . . sleeping away the last couple of nights means I'm behind (and I"m still very tired!) so I decided to come home and work on my Financial Management Paper instead of hanging out at the Walker Art Center trying to score tickets to the sold out Kronos concert. The paper is not going well. It is supposed to be 2 measley pages long - - I currently have 3/4 of a page and have said everything I can possibly think of to say (and I've stretched it out a little too!!) Fin. Man. is hard - - I struggle and struggle and struggle with it (and think I'm the world's stupidest person). Then I go to class and discover that the smart people are way more confused than I. (But it's hard not to stress a little when the sucker is worth 200 points and you know it's difficult stuff!!!) On the Sunny Side - - after this paper is written, I'll only have 1 quiz, 1 test, and 1 paper left to do for the semester!!! (YIPEE!!!)