Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I HAVE an INTERNSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Horray!! I met today with the executive director of the Minnesota chapter of Young Audiences !!!!!! WAY COOL!! It is a very good fit. It is not a paid gig like one I'd mentioned before but I think I will like this better (even if there is no money attached!!!)
* I get to hang out in the Landmark Center Building (very very cool - marble floors, old elevators, ambiance, history, charm, a little cafe on the ground floor, regular concerts in the building- - - - I love it!!)
* Small staff (of 5 very cool people!)
* I get a desk (It's a shared desk - but that's OK!)
* Yo-yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, Pincus Zukerman, Emmanuel Ax and Billy Taylor are all on the Board of Directors!! (The National Board, not the MN chapter - - but my boss will get to hang out with them when she goes to the executive directors meeting later this month!!!!)

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