Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I hate being sick!
I wanna go home and sleep (I was in bed for almost 12 hours last night - I probably slept for close to 10 1/2 hours - it felt SO GOOD!) But alas - I'm here at SMU -- I'll be giving my big speech (40% of my grade) tonight. YUCK. I'm off to go do a mental run through before class starts. I have some interesting stats - which I'll post later . . . .

Update - Here is the promised intersting statistic - - taken from a Boston Globe Article: The nonprofit arts industry generates $24.4 billion in federal state, and local tax revenues annually. By comparision, federal, state, and local goverments spend less than $3 billion on support for the arts each year. . . . Even in boom times on Wall Street no one imagines a return rate that big. And that is only the financial return. That's over and above the fundamental purpose of the arts; to delight, to inspire, to portray, to provoke. The arts are not a luxury. They constitute a major engine of the US economy, and they should be considered that at budget time.