Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Excitement! (the "call the police" kind - not the good kind!)
The 4th / 5th Grade class had a sub today. The 4th/5th grade class is crazy on a normal day with their normal teacher - they were totally out of control. According to student rummors one girl was suspended by lunchtime for fighting - - but somehow that girl ended up back in the classroom at the end of the day, and another girl got upset and hit the gal that was already suspended. I got to dismiss the 4th/5th grade 'cause (as you can imagine) things were kinda crazy. I left about a half hour after the incident - and there was a cop in the hallway - - the secretary said something to her about "a parent called you" and then took her into the principals office. hhhhmmmmmm . . . . one wonders. Forget the election - this is really exciting stuff!!!!

You know what would be REALLY exciting?? It'd totally make my night if "Mr. Writing Teacher" would forget to show up tonight and class would be canceled!! That's make me SUPER happy. (I shouldn't complain - only 3 little class periods left - and counting!!!) UPDATE class is not canceled. The man is here. I'm going to class ) - :