Friday, October 25, 2002

An USA Today article from todays Arts Journal
Recording artist Janis Ian says that recording companies are wrong about downloading piracy. "Attacking your own customers because they want to learn more about your products is a bizarre business strategy, one the music industry cannot afford to continue. On the first day I posted downloadable music, my merchandise sales tripled, and they have stayed that way ever since. I'm not about to become a zillionaire as a result, but I am making more money. At a time when radio playlists are tighter and any kind of exposure is hard to come by, 365,000 copies of my work now will be heard. Even if only 3% of those people come to concerts or buy my CDs, I've gained about 10,000 new fans this year."

I haven't sorted out how I feel about all of this - as a disgruntled consumer I want to download and listen to music, but I sympathize with the musicians and the industry. (I will probably never record my own CD - but I am a musician - - even if it's only playing Twinkle with 10 year olds, and Pachabell Cannon at boring weddings!) I'm looking forward to the Arts Law class I'm scheduled to take in the summer. I'm ready to sort out all the "stuff" behind this issue!