Saturday, October 19, 2002

Tuesday, in addition to reciting my poem, I get to give a presentation advocating for Arts Funding! Everyone in my silly communications class will get to practice begging for cash, and we will give the same presentations 3 times between now and December! (yippee! Not only do I get to givie my own 15 minute presentation three times, but I also get to listen to my classmates present their 15 minute speeches three times! Now my classmates are great people, and I'll enjoy listening to them the first time around, but after that I'm going to need to find seomthing else to keep my brain occupied!)

Big Surprise - - I'm going to approach my plea for money, from an education angle, with the latest brain research to support my claims. I looked through some of my notes from the brain "stuff" we did at Jordan Creek last year, and did a quick search for more info. I came across this fabulous article. I don't know how useful it will be for my mock presentation, but it's a worthwhile diversion!

Selected Gems:
- Because the arts can be expensive, their presence throughout human history reflects their importance.

- The arts, language, and mathematics have important biological values in themselves, beyone their marvelous interactive properties. Must math also enhance music to remain in the curriculum?

- Is spelling really biologically more important than melody, when both express culturally significant sequential information? Are our innate music networks something like unwanted tonsils or appendix tissue to be removed rather than to be understood and enhanced?

- Humans have a seemingly innate desire to go beyond the mundane, and to do it with style and grace.

- The arts are often the celebration of the ordinary, but we tend to celebrate artists, musicians, dancers, and athletes whose movement patterns are extraordinary.

- One marvelous aspect of the arts is that they cognitively stimulate both those who do them and those who observe others do them. The arts are a total win-win situation.

Read the entire article here.