Tuesday, October 22, 2002

This is the I WANT Game (ala SARK). The rules go like this - write I WANT, and then let yourself go wild. It's not about goals, or being realistic -just about personal amusement. SARK plays it much better than I do, but that's ok - - I don't think anyone's reading this anyway!

I WANT . . .
Hot Coco, warm socks, a lap top computer, the cats to quit marking territory all over the house, my hair to stay out of my face, my plants to quit dying, to go to the library, people not to scream through the house, a good pair of black shoes, to do laundry so I can wear wool socks today, to eat dessert first, to be more socially graceful, for the lib rary to have more of the books I want to read, to play outside in the sunshine on a trampoline, the roads to be ice free all winter, deep friendships, my Financial Management textbook to arrive today, to be less scraed, worried and stressed, to do or plan projects that I can be passionate about, new glasses, to be totally amazing, a tankful of fish, a massage, an indoor swimming pool in my basement, a tankful of fish, a sledding hill, to give boxes of crayons to grownups for no good reason at all, to undrstand poverty, to let go, to read more, to know more, to meet and have deep discussions with interesting people, my own beach, little cream puffs with rasberries, to see my students succeed to make school worthwhile, to backpack in Europe, to randomly plant apple trees, to play tag in a big hotel.