Thursday, October 17, 2002

On Planet Julie, Madeline L'Engle is the definitive authority on almost everything. (It amazing, but this 80 year old woman, whom I have never met, totally understands me. She just "gets it." In the course of conversation last Sunday, some things were said that reminded me of a MLE quote. I looked up the other night (it took forever to find, I almost had to re-read the entire book!) . . . .

Strange: If a review is good, I am delighted,
but I don't take it quite seriously.
If a review is bad, I fall right into that
old trap of hurt pride: hubris.

Mr. "Writing Teacher" has been feeding me LOTS of compliments (and nice grades) the last few weeks. When we presented our first speech - no grade, no points, strictly an assessment thing to create goals and such. THE MAN loved my presentation and make me the classic "good example." But . . . but the man is a turkey. I am happy he likes my work. I LOVE the grades that come with the compliments. But really, what does he know about anything (Afterall, he believes all sentences should have a word limit of 14!!!) MLE understands - and that's part of her amazing-ness!