Saturday, October 05, 2002

MUSIC REVIEW! Sony Classical sent me a promo CD in exchange for a bunch of demographic data and my e mail address (let the spam begin!) But it'll all be worth is for Track 8- Mythoda by Vangelis - - FABULOUS PIECE. Must play loud and often.
from the liner notes
Composed by Vandelis, Mythodea features world renowned sopranos Kathlees Battle and Jessye Norman. Inspired by mythological sources, the work was chosen to commemorate the Nasa Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey. Catch a live concert performance of the piece form Athens Temple of Zeus on PBS."

The other really spiffy piece on the album is the FAURE Pavane for Guitar and Orchestra (with John Williams on guitar!) I played Pavane in college, (with a flute soloist) and HATED IT!! (There is nothing worse than a slow, soft, repetitive piece at the end of a long, long rehearsal - and for some reason Holcomb always scheduled Pavane last!) Anyway, it's a rotten piece to play, but a great listen ( - :