Friday, October 11, 2002

It has occoured to me that my last couple of posts have been less than happy, sunshiney, joyous, giggling, lollypops and rainbows kind of positive. A lot of what I've written in the last week sounds downright negative (I didn't know I was in such a bad mood until I saw it on the computer screen! Amazing thing this technology!)

So, I'm going to make a concentrated effort to post something fun, to prove to myself (and anyone reading this) that I'm not as big of a grouch as it looks like!!!

I got to see my brother's band performance at the High School Football Game. I have not gotten to attend any of Phil's band things for a couple of years. . . Those band uniforms may look really dumb up close, but on the field, he looked so professional (I think he stands up taller when he's playing with "his band") Now I only went to 2-3 football games in High School ( I only went because I was dating a guy who was a football player) I think to half a game during my entire college career. It's SO B O R I N G ! ! ! Anyway, going for 15 minutes to hear the boy play was good. I enjoyed it!

Another Happy Shinny Smiley of course is the Miller-Boy. My brilliant newpher can say "uh ohh" and "up" although he hasn't got a clue what the words mean (He'll say "uh-oh" when he wants to be picked up. Or he'll say "UP" when he's already being held. Sometimes he just says "uh-oh" for the fun of it!) Of course, It's lots of fun to watch him try and talk - I'm still working on the word "COOKIE" (I've been training him for "cookie" since we first met!) He is now a proficient crawler and loves to stand up. My favorite game is AIR PLANE - the same air plane uncle Rob and aunt Lynnie used to play with us. Happy memories! (uncle Rob took his nephews for motorcycle rides - - I need to get a motorcycle - not for my own enjoyment - but so I can take Miller for rides!! It's practically a VW family tradidion right??!!)