Monday, October 07, 2002

I'm a whimp and it's too cold outside! On the plus side, I'm wearing a lovely sweater I haven't seen for 6 months (it's like a long lost friend!) and sipping wonderfully rich hot coco. It might be cold (and wet and windy) but life is good!

The staff development workshop was so-so. They didn't say anything I hadn't already heard, but it was a nice review. The speaker presented well - although my attention span was about 5 minutes today (I'll be honest - I wasn't really taking notes - I was working on my latest stupid paper for my stupid communications class) Tomorrow is our LAST writing class (That means we are half done!!) The second part of the class will be public speaking. Next week's homework . . . "Give a speach on why your favorite art form is your favorite" (I don't really have a favorite art form - I know and understand music, but I love literature and theather and visual art just as much . . . Ah well - that's a delima I choose not to think about right now!