Saturday, October 12, 2002

I forgot to bring a calculator to Fin Mang. Today (OOPS!) That means what should have been simple calculations become long division nightmares!! I think that's sufficient punishment (i'll never forget my calc. again - Lesson Learned - even if it was the hard way!) I love the Finc. Management Class. The lady teaching it is a firecracker and I love her style (except she calls on me too much!) She never gives up on a student. If I don't know the answer to her question, she will not let me off the hook - instead she sticks with me asking more questions until I finally 'get it'! And it's not super uncomfortable because she does that to everyone no just me!) All this accounting stuff makes sense then I expected it to(but only in a abstract-controlled-workbook- theoretical- classroom- kind- of -way) It's a happy class!